Save the date: CSD München – Munich Pride 2024

PrideWeeks 2024
June 8 – 23, 2024
Pride March 2024
June 22, 2024
Street Festival 2024
June 22/23, 2024

Come all! Rally on Mon, 13.11., 7 pm

Together for an effective "Queer Action Plan"!
We hand over the catalogue of measures and the petition for a "Queer Action Plan" on 13 November 2023. Join us! mehr lesen

This was Munich Pride 2023

The Pride Parade arrives at Gärtnerplatz
520,000 people attended Munich Pride on 24 June, 60,000 of whom took part in the Pride Parade alone. mehr lesen

All official pics taken by our photo crew

All areas Munich Pride 2023
Queers, Outfits, Faces, Diversity, Attitudes, Flags, Joy, Demands, Love, Togetherness, Artists and more mehr lesen

Sat: Pride Parade Munich June 24th at 12pm

CSD München Munich Pride 2023
This year's parade and pride march is one for the record books. Learn everything about all participants here. mehr lesen

PrideWeeks June 10th – June 25th Munich

CSD München Munich Pride 2023
Experience more than 120 pride events in our 16 days of the Munich PrideWeeks. Click for our calendar. mehr lesen

Sat: The official Live Stream from 12pm – 22pm

CSD München Munich Pride 2023
Watch our live stream from the parade and the pride festival 2023 – interviews, commentary and more. mehr lesen

Sat+Sun: Infos and community booths

CSD München Munich Pride 2023
Which organization can be found where? Where's the info booth I'm looking for? Find out right here. mehr lesen

All infos, stories, queers are in our PrideGuide

The official Munich Pride magazine
Pick up your copy at one of the many locations or enjoy the guide in its full and beautiful PDF glory. mehr lesen

Sat+Sun: Main Stage Marienplatz

Your hosts: Kriwoe und Dean DeVille
Find out who's playing live on the Main Stage in the heart of the city of Munich, Marienplatz. mehr lesen

Sat+Sun: Community stage Kaufingerstraße

Your host: Bernd Müller
Find out who's what's happening on our Community Stage and/or relax and refresh in our beer garden. mehr lesen

Sat+Sun: PartyArea Odeonsplatz

Two days of dancefloor mayhem and pride
Our former location Rindermarkt got too small. No worries, we'll take the Party Area to the bigger Odeonsplatz. mehr lesen

A Bavaria wide joint Pride motto for 2023

Motto: A queer action plan for Bavaria now!
20 Prides have joined forces for a queer action plan in Bavaria. Get involved and show your support. mehr lesen

Ми надаємо термінову підтримку для ЛГБТІК

Ми з Україною!
Ми можемо посприяти з пошуком житла, контактами з іншими квір-людьми, консультацією для ЛГБТІК*. mehr lesen

New Pride 2023 and forever collection

Official Support-Shop of Munich Pride
From now on you can find new motifs in our Support-Shop, watch out for the discount promotions! mehr lesen

Queer Action Plan: Join the rally!

We would like to invite you to the rally where we hand over the catalogue of measures and the petition for a "Queer Action Plan". It happens on 13 November 2023 from 7 to 8 p.m. in Pilotystraße (opposite the Bavarian State Chancellery).

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Munich Pride distances itself from Mélovin's song

We invited Mélovin to Munich as a queer singer and activist who courageously stands up for the LGBTIQ* community in his country. The list of his songs had been agreed upon in advance; the song "Bandera is our father, Ukraine is our mother" was not on it. We would not have allowed it otherwise.

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Munich Pride 2023 gets bigger and more political than ever!

520,000 people attended Munich Pride on 24 June, 60,000 of whom took part in the Pride Parade alone. On the streets and stages of the city, it was all about the queer action plan.

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A queer action plan for Bavaria!

For the first time, 20 CSDs in Bavaria have joined forces to put pressure on politics under a common motto. In Munich, the growing Pride makes the cause more visible than ever.

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« Queerer Aktionsplan Bayern jetzt! »

Bavaria is Germany’s only federal state that does not yet have a programme for equality and against discrimination of LGBTIQ*. With a petition, a panel discussion and various actions, Munich Pride is putting pressure on the country’s state government.

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This year, Munich Pride will take place already in June!

The organisers are trying to cope with the constant growth of the Pride events. So far, Munich's Pride has always taken place on the second weekend in July.

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