Munich Pride overcrowding concept

Safety first at Munich Pride 2024

The safety and security of visitors is a top priority for Munich Pride. The organizers are therefore present throughout the entire site with security and medical services and work closely with the police and fire services. The Munich Pride operations center, which controls everything, is located in Munich City Hall. Visitors to the Pride weekend on June 22 and 23 can follow the current situation via a traffic light warning system and make an informed decision. The hoped-for effect: better distribution, more safety, a better CSD for everyone.

How does the Green Yellow Red alert system work?
Munich Pride communicates the situation on Marienplatz (Main Stage) and on Odeonsplatz (PartyArea) on all of its online channels. These are the most popular and potentially most frequented areas of the street festival.

Green = The situation is relaxed, you may access the area.
Yellow = The area is quickly filling up, access not recommended.
Red = Overcrowding, no access to this area.

These alerts can be found here on the days of the event Pride Weekend Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd of June on the Munich Pride homepage, on Facebook, on Instagram and during our live stream on Pride Saturday from 12pm to 10pm. All hosts and presenters on the Pride stages will also inform people with announcements. Munich Pride is also in contact with MVG. If there is a risk of overcrowding, information will be displayed on the monitors at the stations and announcements will be made. In extreme cases, underground/subway trains may temporarily not stop at Marienplatz and/or Odeonsplatz. Munich Pride will also inform the Munich media, especially its media partners such as the Abendzeitung or egoFM, in the event of imminent overcrowding.

How Pride guests should behave in a crowded situation?
The easiest way is for those who are not yet at the street festival: Please stay away when our alert system is red. When the situation eases again, everyone is welcome!

The situation is different for visitors who are already on site. In the event of imminent overcrowding, Munich Pride will take countermeasures in good time. In this case, the street festival may be interrupted or even canceled.

Since the underground and suburban train stations are closed in such a situation because they only have a small capacity for people and can quickly become overcrowded themselves, the organizers will provide information on site about the best way for guests to leave the street festival. These instructions must be followed!

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