Munich Pride supports the #NoUNUM24 alliance. On this page you will find the most important information about the planned actions, current updates can be found on the alliance's Instagram page @nounum24.

UnUnited with the Right, united in Diversity!

Protest against the UNUM24 - EINS SEIN conference
from 20 to 23 June 2024 in the Olympic Hall in Munich

Parallel to Munich Pride, several thousand participants are expected to gather in Munich's Olympic Hall from 20 to 23 June 2024 for the UNUM24 faith conference under the motto "ONE BEING" www.unum24.de. There, a large number of Christian groups from all over Germany and beyond will join nationalist, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist groups - with prominent support from, among others, the right-wing homophobic Trump supporter, Pastor Bill Johnson from the Californian Bethel Church in Redding - to pray for a change in our country towards a Christian-dominated state.

For Johnson, homosexuality is a "violation of design". He is in favour of the continued permissibility of conversion treatments, which are generally prohibited in Germany. As an influential supporter of former US President Donald Trump, he is rumoured in the US media to have links with the right-wing Christian movement "New Apostolic Reformation" (NAR) (see www.huffpost.com and www.salon.com). Johnson justified his decision to vote for Trump at the time by stating that he was against abortion, open borders, the welfare system, same-sex marriage, socialism, political correctness and globalisation, because all of this was contrary to God's will (see Wikipedia). Johnson is therefore ultimately AGAINST everything our open democratic society stands for.

This alignment does not prevent the other 80 or so supporting Christian organisations from "celebrating" a common Oneness and emphasising their "unity" at UNUM24. This is not surprising for a large proportion of the supporting organisations, as they represent similar orientations. It is alarming that the Protestant Bishop of Saxony, Tobias Bilz, and the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Dresden-Meißen, Heinrich Timmerevers, are also representatives of the regional churches and dioceses supporting the conference and thus making common cause with right-wing Christian fundamentalists. It is also alarming that this conference has so far received hardly any public criticism and can take place in the city's Olympic Hall.

The #NoUNUM24 alliance has therefore come together from various groups and private individuals and does not want to allow such an event to take place unchallenged. It is also inviting other groups and individuals to join a peaceful protest using democratic means.

Preparations are currently underway to organise such a protest against UNUM24. The main demonstration is expected to take place on Friday late afternoon, 21 June 2024 at the Olympic Hall. Protest actions may also take place on other days. In keeping with this year's Pride motto "United in diversity - together against the right", the protest at the Olympic Hall will be held under the motto "UnUnited with the Right - united in Diversity!" We will stand up

- FOR the defence of our colourful and open democratic society,
- FOR freedom of religion and belief and
- AGAINST all forms of misanthropy.

- We want to take a visible stand against right-wing extremist and misanthropic religious communities!
- We call on you to be vigilant and expose inhumane gatherings!
- We call on the City of Munich and municipal companies not to offer right-wing extremists and misanthropy any space or stage!

The #NoUNUM24 alliance will provide information on further plans, current information on the protest and further background information on social media under the corresponding hashtag and on Instagram under @nounum24. You can also contact the alliance directly for further information and to support the protest at no-unum24@fn.de.

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