United in diversity - together against the right

MunichPride has chosen its motto for 2024

Munich's LGBTIQ* community is also taking a stand against the right-wing movement and continues to fight for equal rights and acceptance.

Munich, 7 February 2024 - At the latest since the research by the investigative team Correctiv, people in Germany have realised that our democracy is in danger. Right-wing forces, above all the AfD, are denying us citizens dignity, freedom and a self-determined life.

There is now a broad-based protest. People are taking to the streets and standing up for the free and democratic order of the Federal Republic of Germany. This summer, MunichPride will do the same - together with all open parts of Munich's civil society. The motto is: "United in diversity - together against the right."

Queer people quickly sense the threat

Munich's LGBTIQ* community had already decided at its queer networking meeting in January to shake people in Germany awake with a clear statement against the right. The prospects of a breakthrough for right-wing parties in this year's European elections and the hatred and violence against queer people leave no other choice. This was apparent long before Correctiv's reporting.

"As a vulnerable group, queer people quickly sense when life and freedom are threatened," says Thomas Niederbühl, Rosa Liste city councillor and political spokesperson for CSD Munich. That is why it is so important to stand together, both with civil society and within the community. "Every attack on a part of our community is an attack on our queer community as a whole and therefore on each and every one of us."

Trans- and homophobia are not trivial offences

In fact, the right-wing agitation against LGBTIQ* in general and against the planned Self-Determination Act in particular has long been reflected in the violence statistics of an organisation such as Strong! Last year, Munich Pride had already reported on the consequences of a growing trans- and homophobia. A total of 2023 at Strong! reported 230 incidents - that's 71 more than in the previous year. The number of unreported cases is likely to be significantly higher.

The statistics show that these are not small incidents, but cases of hate crime that often leave those affected with fears and doubts and also lead to uncertainty among acquaintances or in the community. This must stop.

The initiative came from LesCommunity

MunichPride had received various suggestions for a motto over the past few weeks. The phrase that has now prevailed comes from LesCommunity, the supporting association of the lesbian counselling centre LeTRa, among others.

"Right-wing propaganda tries to categorise people and propagate a supposed norm that is considered the only valid one. But our strength lies in our diversity!" says Julia Bomsdorf, spokesperson for LesCommunity. "For us, democracy means the free development and self-determination of every person."

What is planned for 2024

MunichPride will take place on 22/23 June this year. The PrideWeeks beforehand begin on 8 June with an estimated 100+ events. In 2024, representatives from European Prides such as the CSD partner KyivPride will also take part, as the shift to the right is a global phenomenon. Highlights include the PolitParade, the two-day street festival around Marienplatz and the RathausClubbing party event.

LGBTIQ* people have been demonstrating for equal rights and acceptance in Munich since 1980. The state capital's Pride is one of the large Pride events in Europe. It is supported by the lesbian-queer association LesCommunity, the gay-queer centre Sub, the Münchner Aids-Hilfe, the voters' initiative Rosa Liste and the Queer youth organisation diversity.

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