Press Centre Munich Pride 2024 on 22/23 June

On 8 June, the two PrideWeeks have started with over 100 events leading up to the Pride weekend on 22/23 June. Munich's community will be protesting for equal rights and acceptance, against the shift to the right in our society, against marginalisation and violence under the motto "United in diversity - together against the right". (Photo from 2023: Bethel Fath)

On the occasion of this year's Pride season, we cordially invite you to our Press Centre at the PresseClub München, Marienplatz 22, on the weekend of 22/23 June.

Everyone has realised at the latest since the research by the investigative team Correctiv: Our democracy is in danger. Right-wing forces, above all the AfD, are denying us dignity, freedom and a self-determined life. Since then, there has been widespread protest. People are taking to the streets and standing up for freedom and democracy. This summer, Munich Pride will do the same - together with all open parts of Munich's civil society.

It was already clear to Munich's community in January that this year must be about the fight against the right. The prospects of a breakthrough for right-wing parties in the European elections and the hatred and violence against queer people left no choice. This was apparent long before Correctiv's reporting.

"As a vulnerable group, queer people quickly sense when life and freedom are threatened," says Thomas Niederbühl, Rosa Liste city councillor and political spokesperson for Munich Pride. That is why it is so important to stand together, both with civil society and within the community. "Every attack on a part of our community is an attack on our queer community as a whole and therefore on each and every one of us." At CSD, we are therefore also showing solidarity with queer people in our partner cities Kyiv and Be'er Sheva.

We stand together for democracy and freedom! On 22/23 June, we will take to the streets for this.

Please let us know if we can count on your visit - preferably writing an email to We would be very pleased! Those who are accredited will have access to the PressCentre, where there will be information, fresh air, water and plenty of peace and quiet to work in (including workstations), as well as access to the backstage area of our two stages.

Please get in touch if you have any questions

Best regards

Conrad Breyer

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